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Leading tyre manufacturer Metzeler are providing special tyre sponsorship to the ‘rising stars’ of road racing who will have been racing at the recent Radcliffe’s Post TT Road Races and the forthcoming Isle of Man Steam Packet International Southern 100 Road Races in July.

Three competitors received their awards at the end of the Radcliffe’s Post TT Road Races from Southern 100 Rider’s Liaison Officer, Chris Palmer.

JWilliamswebWinsford’s Jonathan Perry, along with Manxies Jamie Williams and Ryan Kneen received certificates which can be exchanged for a set of Metzeler Racing Tyres of their choice.

A further seven certificates will be awarded to up and coming competitors, who are not contracted to any tyre supplier at the Isle of Man Steam Packet International Southern 100 Road Races.

RKneenwebChris Palmer said: ‘It is a marvellous gesture by Metzeler – tyres are one of the most expensive items when it comes to racing on the roads, and the three lads were delighted to receive their voucher sand couldn’t thank Metzeler enough.’

In addition to the total of ten sets of racing tyres, Metzeler are supplying to the ten competitors, a further five sets of road tyres will be given to motorcycle riders, who marshal at the Southern 100 on July.

Chief Marshal, Peter Chadwick said: ‘We are extremely grateful to Metzeler for their generous offer – five of our marshals, who regularly ride bikes will receive certificates that can be exchanged for a set of road tyres for their machine.

‘The marshals are volunteers, as are all the officials at the Colas Billown Circuit, and to be able to pass on this offer by Metzeler is a small recognition of the excellent effort the ‘orange army’ provide to ensure the friendly races are a success and hopefully encourage other people to volunteer and join our ranks.’

Peter continued: ‘The five lucky marshals will be announced live on Manx Radio by Tim Glover, on Championship Day, Thursday 12th July.’

(Photos courtesy of Rachel Palmer show Jonathan Perry, Jamie Williams and Ryan Kneen receiving their ‘Metzeler’ Tyre Certificates from Riders Liaison Officer, Chris Palmer)

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