Voice of the Southern 100 Dies

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Maurice Mawdsley, long-time commentator, based at the start-finish on Castletown By-pass during the Southern 100 Road Races held on the Colas Billown Course has died.

Maurice first sat in the drivers cab of an old Isle of Man Transport double-decker, which had been converted into the main commentary point and race control in 1988, moving to the splendour of the present Race Control Buildings in 2005 until switching off his Mic after the Southern 100 International Road Races in 2016.

Maurice’s first year, 1988 was intended to be a one-off, standing in for the then race commentator Peter Kneale, who had had to go on a previously arranged trip to Ireland, but Maurice’s tenure lasted 29 years!

Maurice always maintained that the commentary ‘box’ on the start-finish line was the best commentary position anywhere, which he emphasized at the clubs annual dinner in February, when thanking the club for the presentation they had made to him in recognition of his services to the races, Maurice said how much he had enjoyed his annual trip down south to the friendly races and how much he enjoyed the comradery of all involved and the hospitality and kindness shown to himself and his wife Marilyn and stated that the commentary point based initially in the old buses and now the present building was the best anywhere for the view.

Club Chairman George Peach said: ‘Maurice Mawdsley was the voice of the Southern 100 for nearly 30 years and everyone enjoyed listening to his knowledgeable and informative commentaries.

‘He witnessed and described brilliantly two unique milestones, the first 100 mph lap by Brian Reid in 1983 and the first 100mph laps by the sidecars in 2016, his final year, when Ben and Tom Birchall, Tim Reeves and Patrick Farrance, then John Holden with Andy Winkle broke the barrier on the same lap within split-seconds of each other.’

Southern 100 Racing pass on their sincere condolences to his wife Marilyn and their family and friends at this sad time. Maurice Mawdsley will be missed, but his contribution to the success of the races on the Billown Course and his friendship will be long remembered and highly regarded.

(Photo courtesy of Ellan Vannin Images shows Maurice Mawdsley – The Voice of the Southern 100 with fellow commentators Roy Moore, Tim Glover & Chris Kinley)

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