Bumper Entry for Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic – Part Three

In News by Phil Edge

Manxman Michael Evans returns to defend his 2018 race victory in the 4 Hire Post Classic Superbike Race however he will have another 28 competitors vying for the winners laurels, they include Jeff Ward, Alec Whitwell, Dennis Booth, Colin Croft, Tim Poole, Adrian Kershaw, Ben Rea, Mike Hose, Hefyn Owen, Jamie Coward, Mark Herbertson, Rob Hodson, Rhys Hardisty, Adrian Harrison, Paul Jordan and Alistair Haworth.

Sadly, the Geoff Duke Junior Superbike Race will have a new name on the unique trophy, with James Cowton having dominated this race since its first running in 2014.

With 22 lining up on the grid amongst the favourites will be Barry Davidson, Tom Snow, Rhys Hardisty, Gary Vines and Brian Nicholls on 250cc two-stroke twins, whilst Colin Croft, Tim Poole, Andy Sailor, Andrew Cowie, Gavin Brown and Alistair Haworth will be on 600cc four-cylinder four stoke machines.

(Photo courtesy of Barry Clay – shows Classic Superbike winner Michael Evans exiting Ballakaighan during the 2018 race.)

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