Memorandum of Understanding

In News by Phil Edge

The Southern 100 Marshals Association is pleased to confirm the continuation of our strong bonds of friendship and sharing with South Australian Flag Marshals Association, for a further three years.

Over the past three years close relationships have been established between the volunteer officials of both Associations and the aims are to foster esprit de corps among marshal, share and exchange ideas to maintain the standard of marshalling and to assist each other’s members to fulfil ambitions to marshal in each other’s country. Whilst this assistance is free from any financial implication it provides assistance in finding suitable accommodation and looking after marshals whilst on duty at each other’s events.

The main events covered by the South Australian Flag Marshals are of course on the famous Phillip Island Circuit and these involve MotoGP, WSB and Island Classics.

Southern 100 Marshals Association are pleased to have assisted more than thirty South Australian marshals over this last TT period with many of them volunteering their holiday time to marshal on the Colas Billown Course and the Mountain Course.

Prior to the recent Post TT racing, the S100 Marshals Association hosted a dinner for the attending South Australian Flag Marshals during which the latest Memorandum of Understanding was signed by South Australian Flag Marshals Chairman, Michael Morris and Southern 100 Marshals Association Chairman and Chief Marshal, Peter Chadwick.

South Australian Flag Marshals President and Chief Marshal, Tony Fountain spoke to the guests about how well this understanding has worked over the past three years in developing not only better access to each other’s events but also great friendships.

We look forward to developing this great partnership and if any S100 or TT marshal is thinking of traveling to Phillip Island to marshal and requires assistance, then please feel free to contact Peter Chadwick.

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