Cowasaki Returns Home

In News by Phil Edge

In 2003, The Golden Jubilee Trust organised an Isle of Man Cow Parade with around 35 ‘life-size’ sculpture cows being placed around the Island, all suitably painted in local themes and sponsored by various bodies, businesses, and charities. Almost all were eventually auctioned off raising a total of £110,200.00 for charity.

‘Cowasaki’ sponsored by the ‘Mrs Jean Burrell Charitable Trust’ made its home alongside the buses at the Start-line of the Southern 100 Road Races on Castletown By-pass, becoming a popular attraction during her stay.

Being such a desirable and well turned out ‘beast’ Cowasaki raised the third highest bid of the herd, £6,500.00 at auction and went off to her new home in the West of the Island.

Cowasaki recently returned to her original home after 13-years away grazing in western pastures and is now re-acquainting herself with her new winter quarters in the club’s equipment barn where she will be looked after, fed and watered until next spring when she will return to her original grazing ground adjacent to the new race control, where no doubt she will be as popular as she was when she made her original appearance in 2003.

Southern 100 Racing is indebted to the family in St John’s who donated Cowasaki to the club and ‘the team’ who brought her back south without too much trouble.

Photo courtesy of Alan Vaughton

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