Southern 100
Virtual Races 2020

Manx Radio’s knowledgeable and long-servicing voice of Cross Four Ways, Roy Moore has adapted
his popular ‘Race Night’s Audience Game and these will be broadcast ‘live’ via the Southern 100
Facebook page and You Tube.
His ‘Race Nights’ are unique in that they are evolved around a road racing course with six riders
taking part, in each race – all shown on a large board with the aid of photographs – a bag of seven
balls and audience participation. Plus of course Roy’s wonderful commentaries as the race
progresses with the appropriate background sound effects!
*Nobody under the age of 18 can take part in this event. For the future of the club and being able to raise money this way please respect this.

Betting on the IOMSPC Southern 100 Virtual Road Races 2020 is easy.
Each race has six (6) riders and a stake on any rider is £1.00 per head, 50% of which (50p) goes to the Southern 100 Supporters Club and other charities involved with road racing.
Betting can be placed through the Southern 100 PayPal Account.
When betting on each race has closed (23:59 3rd July) the total stake is calculated and will be divided between the winning stakeholders once the race has been run and the winner declared.


Click here for the full Press Release of the event

How the race is run:

  • Each Race is displayed on a large board showing the Colas Billown Course and (a number) of vantage points around the course.
  • There are six named riders in each race.
    There is a bag of six balls, numbered 1 – 6 and one is drawn out randomly.
  • The corresponding rider advances from the start to the next vantage point until they cross the Finish Line.
  • However in amongst the 6 white balls is one (1) black ball.
    When a black ball is drawn out of the bag, the following white ball drawn results in that rider going back one vantage point.
  • Riders advance around the course till the leader reaches the Finish line and the results is declared.
Browse the drop down menu of each race and select your preferred rider
Ensure that each race you wish to enter has a tick next to the race no.
Follow the instructions to pay for your slip via paypal or card via paypal
Check your emails for your selected entries and tune in on race night!