Marshals Mental Health

Mental health is a topic very much in the news, during these unprecedented times of Covid 19.

Whether it is loneliness during lockdown periods, loss of employment, financial hardship, bereavement, ex military who knows until we reach out and offer friendship and an opportunity to talk.

Without wishing to belittle the serious reasons for depression, we have noticed a lack of racing is depressing many people, especially the often taken for granted marshals.

For some marshals, the racing season is a way of life. Great friendships are made and we all look forward to meeting in our groups at the various locations around the course. Catching up on what has been happening to individuals since last seen and enjoying the banter.

Work, life or distance make it difficult for marshals to keep in touch and this is why we all get such a buzz when we know we are going racing.

The Southern 100 Marshals Association would like to encourage all marshals to actively check up on their marshalling friends to see how they are coping with Covid and the lack of racing. Keep upbeat because when racing returns its going to be special with lots of competitors and spectators also in the same situation of missing racing.

Its also a good time to try and recruit more marshals especially on Island marshals where numbers are declining.

Stay safe, keep in touch with one another and look forward.


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