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Good Morning everyone, Gosh the nights are definitely drawing in and with this dreary weather they seem to be closing in even quicker. Never mind only 90 days to the shortest day and then it starts getting brighter🤣 This month’s lucky winners are:- Prize Winner No. Prize (£) 1st G. Convery 88 £  100.00 2nd G. Harrison 117 £    50.00 3rd T. Smart 71 £    50.00 4th C. Palmer 42 £    25.00 5th B. Rothwell  45 £   

Southern 100 sponsor Foraging Vintners have kindly been providing the podium bottles of sparkling wine since 2017. As no races were held this year due to the sad and very traumatic incident during practice of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Southern 100 Road Races led to the cancellation of the

Like most voluntary organisations there are people who ‘work’ tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure their favourite pastime, hobby, or sport (sometimes all three) thrive. Within the Southern 100 Race organisation, one such person is Tricia Clague, who for the past twenty-two years has looked after the Race Control Hospitality. However, since 1996

Good afternoon, Summer has at last arrived.  The lucky winners were pulled out by various members of the committee at the recent meeting.  They are:-   Prize Winner No. Prize (£)   1st G. Goolden 11 £  100.00   2nd N. Caskey 54 £    50.00   3rd G. Goolden 12 £    50.00   4th D. Cooil 74 £    25.00   5th J. Ludford-Brooks 90 £    25.00   6th A. Hewitt 145 £    20.00   As you can see some people have more than one number, being cheeking if anyone

Good morning, At last a break in the rain, hope you are making the most of the bit of sunshine. The lucky winners below were drawn out by my friend Val on her 90th Birthday, so it was congratulations all round.   Prize Winner No. Prize (£) 1st Caroline Craston 112 £  100.00 2nd Richard McAleer 104 £    50.00 3rd Glenn Harrison 117 £    50.00 4th John Curphey 47 £    25.00 5th Vanda Nicholson 50 £    25.00 6th Peter Oates 22 £   

Another lovely weekend even with the rain, the gardens certainly needed it. We are a little early with this month’s draw, it was done on Friday at the Scrutineers Post TT dinner. The following are this month’s lucky winners:-     Prize Winner No. Prize (£)   1st S. Priseman 127 £  100.00   2nd B. Lewney 141 £    50.00   3rd E. Rothwell 8 £    50.00   4th D. Kelly 58 £    25.00   5th H. Ault 113 £    25.00   6th A. Convery 66 £    20.00   Well

Good evening, Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather we are currently having, and it continues into the weekend. More importantly the weather holds out for the Pre-TT races starting on Friday 26th May. Please find below details of this month’s lucky winners:-   Prize Winner No. Prize (£) 1st A. Brown 108 £  100.00 2nd D. & R. Harris 95 £    50.00 3rd M. Willetts 122 £    50.00 4th P. Myers 142 £   

Good morning,   What a beautiful day, if not a bit windy on the island.  Hope you are all enjoying a bit of sunshine.   The lucky winners in the April draw are:-       Prize Winner No. Prize (£)   1st D. Edwards 86 £  100.00   2nd C. McKintosh-Thompson 107 £    50.00   3rd A. Clark 40 £    50.00   4th M. Walker 28 £    25.00   5th S. Christian 75 £    25.00   6th A. Clark 39 £    20.00   Congratulations and good luck to everyone for next month.   The Pre-TT

Good morning, everyone, Hope you are all well and the snow didn’t cause you too many problems. I bet some of you got out your snow boards and had great fun🎿 The lucky winners for March are:-     Prize Winner No. Prize (£)   1st R. Nickerson 129 £  100.00   2nd B. Hewett 9 £    50.00   3rd G. Mason 136 £    50.00   4th J. Corrin 83 £    25.00   5th D. Mylchreest 79 £    25.00   6th E. Litherland 89 £    20.00   Without boring you again

Good morning, everyone, Hope you are all well and still enjoying the lovely weather, albeit still a bit on the cold side. At the Southern 100 Annual Dinner on Saturday, we conducted the February draw.  The dinner was a great evening, hope everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.  The lucky draw winners are:-     Prize Winner No. Prize (£)   1st M.


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