New Assembly Procedure for 2024

Southern 100 Road Racing (The Friendly Races) are always looking to improve the experience that riders have when racing on the Colas Billown Circuit, whether it be in the Blackford Financial Services Pre-TT Classic Road Races or the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Southern 100 Road Races.

After consultation with our new Course Inspection Officer Chris Palmer and Clerk of the Course Giles Olley we will be making some important changes to the dummy grid for ALL racing on the Colas Billown Circuit this year. We understand how important tyre temperatures are and that riders seek to leave their tyre warmers on for as long as possible. We therefore won’t be bringing riders down to the dummy grid until the last course inspection car is back and we know the course is clear.

Bikes will be positioned in Parc Fermé until the Clerk of the Course requests that the assembly procedure begin. Upon receiving this instruction, the Parc Fermé controller will sound a horn and show the “1 Minute” board. This signifies that the gate will open in 1 minute for competitors to proceed to the Dummy Grid. At the end of the minute, the gate to Arbory Road should be opened.

Practice Sessions

The gate will be kept open until all competitors have left. The Dummy Grid gate will be opened once the course is ready and when instructed by the Clerk of the Course. The session time begins when the gate is opened to the course from the Dummy Grid.

For Races Only

A horn will be sounded immediately as the gate is opened and the “2 Minutes” board will be shown and held up for competitors and teams to see. When 1 minute is reached, the board will be exchanged for the “1 Minute” board and the
horn sounded again. The gate will be closed at the end of the second minute. Riders will only be permitted through the gate if they were already sat on their machine, with the engine running and tyre warmers removed, clearly attempting to leave Parc Fermé when the time limit was reached. This is intended to allow for congestion at the gate.





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